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Intelligent Billing Digital Medical Practice Altron HealthTechLatest News
Nov 15, 2021

Intelligent Billing Wizard on Elixir Live

Running any business effectively means that time needs to be taken to do administrative tasks. In healthcare private practice, these…
Digitise Your Patient Medical Records Altron HealthTechLatest News
Oct 20, 2021

Here Are Three Reasons to Digitise Your Patient Medical Records

Change might be hard, but electronic health records are fast becoming best practice for medical professionals. Sceptical about storing health…
Old African Patient Nurse and Doctor Altron HealthTech Activate Engage Mx in Your PracticeLatest News
Sep 18, 2021

Why You Need to Activate Engage Mx in Your Practice This Year

Have you ever wondered if it is worth your time and money to proactively call patients back to your practice?…
Digital Medical Elixir Lives Transaction Analysis Altron HealthTechLatest News
Aug 15, 2021

Elixir Live’s Transaction Analysis Report

We are continuously seeking ways to provide value to you, our valued customer. In the past month, Elixir Live underwent a series…
Smiling Medical Doctor Improving Your Practices Cashflow Altron HealthTechLatest News
Jul 17, 2021

Tips & Tricks to Improving Your Practices’s Cashflow

A Mistake That can Impact Your Cashflow One of the worst mistakes you can make as a business owner is…
Engage Mx Proactive Healthcare Digital Practice Altron HealthTechLatest News
Jun 16, 2021

Altron HealthTech and Market MX Usher in a New Era of Proactive Healthcare

Altron HealthTech and Market Mx have launched an innovative solution Altron HealthTech and Market Mx have launched an innovative solution…
Web Security POPIA for Medical Practices Altron HealthTechLatest News
May 15, 2021

A Simplified Guide to POPIA for Medical Practices

As accredited healthcare professionals, you owe it to your patients to protect their data. The Protection of Personal Information Act…
business growthLatest News
Apr 23, 2021

Seven Reasons Outsourcing Your Medical Billing Will Improve Your Medical Practice and Business Growth

“Do I outsource my medical billing and revenue cycle management, or do I perform everything in-house?” It turns out that…
popiaLatest News
Apr 23, 2021

POPIA Deadline Looms Large for Healthcare Practitioners

The new POPIA law stands to impact how healthcare practitioners process, capture, store and transmit patient data.
future healthcareLatest News
Nov 26, 2020

The Future of Healthcare

When collectively speaking of innovation and healthcare, we tend to think of new medical breakthroughs – new therapies and medicines.…
The Power of Connected Healthcare Doctor and Healthcare Wood Block Altron HealthTechLatest News
Sep 28, 2020

The Power Of Connected Healthcare

It is now time for us to take Altron HealthTech, the new combined entity, to the next level. This is…
Latest News
Aug 25, 2020

Healthcare Data is Under Attack. How Do We Protect It?

On the black market, healthcare data is worth ten times more than ones’ credit card details according to cybersecurity experts.…
Latest News
Aug 20, 2020

Effectively using telemedicine in your practice

Telemedicine has been around for a long time. In 1948, the first radiological image was sent via telephone. This was…
Latest News
Aug 4, 2020

AI and the rise of value-based healthcare

Two years ago, the 158-year-old insurance company John Hancock raised eyebrows when it announced it would only sell interactive policies…
Latest News
Jul 30, 2020

Design Thinking and re-imagining Occupational Health and Safety (OHS)

I recently hosted an industry expert on one of our regular webinars. The topic was “Occupational Health and Safety amidst the…
Latest News
May 14, 2020

Caring for patients remotely during COVID-19

Telemedicine – the practice of caring for patients remotely when the provider and patient are not physically in the same…
Latest News
May 14, 2020

The benefits of using a diary-centered practice management system

Many of us trust our diaries or calendars to help us be as productive as possible. Time management has become…
Latest News
Feb 27, 2020

Health sector and the 2020 National Budget

Winds of change evident…but South Africa Inc not out of the woods yet Finance Minister Tito Mboweni delivered the 2020…
Latest News
Feb 12, 2020

Designing Healthcare with the User in Mind

The Quadruple Aim as a measure of successful healthcare systems In 2008 Donald Berwick, Thomas Nolan, and John Whittington, faculty…
Latest News
Nov 12, 2019

Is your practice safe from a cyberattack?

With widespread reports of cyberattacks on South African institutions like banks, the City of Johannesburg and various internet providers, you…
Latest News
Oct 23, 2019

From One To More To Many: The Power Of Connected Healthcare

Nicolette Mudaly, Product Manager at Altron HealthTech, will be presenting her business case on a Health Information Exchange at the…
Latest News
Sep 9, 2019

How to determine your most profitable procedure

Telemedicine – the practice of caring for patients remotely when the provider and patient are not physically in the same…
Latest News
Aug 23, 2019

The Case for EHRs in Retirement Facilities

Head of Solutions at Med-e-Mass, Dilip Naran, explains why electronic health records (EHRs) is the answer to the unique combination of challenges…
Latest News
Aug 9, 2019

How millennials are changing the medical care picture

Millennials and Gen Z get sick like any other generation, but they want their care packaged differently. Once you get…