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Why interoperability is the key to optimised patient-centred care

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The interoperability of integrated clinical solutions, like Altron HealthTech’s cloud-based eHR platform, HealthONE, is the future of best-in-practice healthcare.

If it wasn’t obvious before the COVID-19 pandemic, then it should be crystal clear by now: Electronic health records and interoperable clinical solutions are not a ‘nice-to-have’, they’re a ‘need-to-have’ for any medical practice.

In fact, interoperable healthcare is not only key to ensuring timeous and accurate patient-centred healthcare, it’s also required by law in several first-world countries, like the US and the UK.

But what exactly is interoperability? And how does it relate to healthcare?

In basic IT terms, when a product or system “speaks to” other products or systems in a smart and intuitive way, that’s interoperability. In the realm of healthcare, this refers to the smart and intuitive ways that an interoperable clinical solution helps you manage your practice and treat your patients.

Best-in-practice healthcare platforms, like Altron HealthTech’s cloud-based solution HealthONE, leverage interoperability to help you save time and money, improve productivity, and enhance both doctor and patient satisfaction.

Historically, these types of tech products have not been developed with doctors top of mind. This is why Altron HealthTech relied on input from practising healthcare professionals when designing HealthONE. Our team of doctors pinpointed very specific pain points, which our design team responded to.

The result was a responsive, smart and intuitive clinical platform designed to optimise workflow and enhance patient care to ensure that your practice runs like a dream. Among the many benefits of HealthONE, the platform’s interoperability has been applied to:

The Electronic Health Record Of The Future

1) A centralised, user-friendly interface

HealthONE boasts a remote monitoring system that’s accessible 24/7 on your preferred device. It also features dual functionality as a safe and secure eHR system, and a clinical solution that helps you deliver connected healthcare services, wherever you are. 

Store patient data in one central place and access each patient’s full medical record with ease, including demographics, treatment history, medical aid information, diagnoses/prognoses and a treatment plan.

On the administration side, HealthONE also provides you with an easy overview of your diary, and updates new or cancelled appointments. It will even prompt you if you’re running behind schedule.

This product is optimised for usability, with software that is completely device-agnostic and compatible with both Apple and Android devices. 

2) Data collection, data storage and predictive analytics capabilities

With its eHR functionality, HealthONE is able to leverage fast-developing data-driven technology to ensure that medical professionals are at the forefront of patient care.

This type of interoperability involves patients in their own care and treatment plan. Wearable and medical devices, for instance, can speak to platforms, like HealthONE, by helping doctors gather data over time and monitor their patients remotely.

This will assist healthcare professionals to make better-informed decisions about patients, with the help of patients. It also improves the accuracy of diagnoses and allows for more timeous decision-making on behalf of patients.

Leveraging data-driven technology in this way is therefore not only convenient, but sets the barometer for best practice and better patient care.

Optimised Patient centred Care Two Doctors Diverse Talk and Use Computer

3) Enhanced collaborative care  

HealthONE’s smart and intuitive functionality extends to other users, which could benefit both patients and practices in several ways.

A team of clinicians, for instance, could tackle diagnoses and treatment plans together. Privileged user access enables a peer network to work together to upload data quickly and easily and, therefore, to initiate treatment swiftly and efficiently. When working as a team, clinicians can eliminate time-consuming bottlenecks in the treatment process.

In this way, HealthONE’s interoperability functionality ensures that you’re able to streamline your practice’s approach to the future of healthcare, while improving your capacity to collaborate with other HealthONE users.  

Beyond saving time and many, or streamlining the treatment process, the benefits of coordinated and collaborative care could be as simple as easy referrals and trackable electronic prescriptions. Or, it could be as profound as timeous treatment that potentially saves a patient’s life.

4) Intuitive adaptability

HealthONE was designed to be dynamic, intuitive, and adaptable, which means that the core foundation can develop as different needs arise in the industry.

It also integrates seamlessly with other Altron HealthTech products, including Elixir Live and SwitchOn. This is particularly beneficial for existing clients who are already happy with their administrative solutions, such as scheduling, billing processes and medical aid submissions.

HealthONE was never designed to be a once-off, fit-for-purpose product. Rather, consider it your interoperability partner, and a long-term investment that will grow with you and your practice.

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Altron HealthTech, a division of Altron (Pty) Ltd, was founded when MedeMass, MediSwitch, and MedeServe consolidated their offerings to the market in 2016. Collectively, the company has provided innovative solutions to the healthcare industry for over 30 years.

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