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The future of health is in connected care, supported by innovative technology that promotes a holistic, functional, and patient-centred business environment.

Over the years, Altron HealthTech has worked hard to establish a flourishing healthcare ecosystem that prioritises the patient’s journey by supporting medical service providers. Our goal is to help healthcare professionals provide continuity of care – leading to positive patient outcomes – by helping take care of the administrative side of their business. Whether it’s through optimised practice administration, improved patient engagement and recall rates, or through streamlined billing solutions, we help you optimise your work processes, saving you money and time better spent with your patients.

Altron HealthTech is committed to providing solutions that unleash the power of connected healthcare – solutions that secure your business’s sustainability and growth in the healthcare ecosystem. Our goal is to deliver healthcare technology that simplifies patient care and, ultimately, leaves a meaningful mark on society.


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We Are Transforming Healthcare Through Secure, Innovative And Connected Technology

The healthcare ecosystem is filled with many possibilities. At Altron HealthTech, we are passionate about delivering better population health outcomes by eliminating technical complexities experienced in the healthcare industry.

Our goal is to create healthcare solutions that meet all of our customers’ needs for maximum societal impact whether it be in private practice, public healthcare or general business.

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