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Value-Added Services

Partnering with the best for optimised patient care

We have joined forces with the brightest minds in the industry to create a set of healthcare solutions that integrate seamlessly with our PMAs. Our value-added services were carefully chosen to bring maximum impact to your business, and to prioritise patient-centred care.

Online Data Capturing and Storage

The quickest, safest and most secure way of capturing and storing your patients’ information is to make it digital – and there’s no better way to do this than with LogBox. LogBox is a clinical solution also allows for new and existing patients to input their information at a time and place that’s convenient for them and you.

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Not only does this value-added service  improve patient care and assist with accurate and efficient record-keeping, it also facilitates case management while ensuring that all of the above meets optimum hygiene standards – an increasingly important concern in a post-Covid environment.

LogBox integrates with your existing Elixir Live practice management application and boasts several key features that improve practice efficiency and create seamless critical work flows.

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LogBox Delivers:

  • Digital efficiency, assisting you with otherwise repetitive tasks
  • Accurate data entries, which minimises the risk of inaccurate transcriptions or misinterpretation
  • Complete patient profiles, enforced by automated system prompts
  • POPIA compliance, through state-of-the-art encryption that protects your patients’ information
Streamlined, Safe & Secure
LogBox is used among most of our existing clients, as it makes data capturing less burdensome for both doctors and their patients. LogBox saves you time and printing expenses, helping you get your business on par with international best practice.
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Online Booking Made Easy

RecoMed is the largest and fastest-growing online healthcare booking platform and marketplace in South Africa. It seamlessly integrates with Altron HealthTech practice management applications (Elixir Live and ME+), connecting patients with the relevant healthcare practitioners, as well as other stakeholders in the healthcare system.

By streamlining the appointment booking process, RecoMed dramatically improves a practice’s appointment workflow, with minimal effort from you and your staff.

With RecoMed You Can:
  • Increase patient bookings and revenue.
  • Sync appointment availability with patient data.
  • Accept and schedule appointments after hours.
  • Offer virtual consultations, where applicable (telehealth).
  • Send patients appointment notifications via SMS.

Powerful Practice Administration

Our practice management applications meet all your data security needs to manage your practice billing record and offer integrated, innovative features and functionalities that help healthcare businesses remain sustainable.
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Safe and Secure Virtual Consultations

Virtual consulting is core to any healthcare professional’s service offering. It can positively impact a patient’s wellness experience, especially in a post-Covid world. With this in mind, Altron HealthTech developed TeleHealth, a virtual consulting service that integrates with our practice management applications (Elixir Live and ME+) and RecoMed, South Africa’s fastest-growing online medical appointment booking system.

TeleHealth allows for secure virtual consultations, giving your patients the freedom to touch base with their preferred healthcare professional from the comfort and safety of their homes. This enhances your service offering and helps you maintain a steady stream of income without limiting you, or your patients.

TeleHealth Benefits Include:

  • Guaranteed information security and consultation privacy.
  • Streamlined workflow capabilities, from appointment booking and consultation, to e-scripting and billing functionality.
  • The ability to issue sick notes or referral letters remotely.
  • The ability to send e-scripts to patients, or directly to participating pharmacies.

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