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Why You Need to Activate Engage Mx in Your Practice This Year

Old African Patient and Doctor Engage Mx in Your Practice

Have you ever wondered if it is worth your time and money to proactively call patients back to your practice? And when call your patients to confirm appointment reminders, does this take valuable time away from you or your front desk staff to get it done?

In reality, patients usually manage their health only when something is wrong, and you and your staff can only remind patients to come for check-ups within the limits of a set schedule.

Engage Mx, a new feature on Elixir Live is the answer to these challenges. It is an intelligent feature which recalls your patients for screening and chronic disease management based on their unique health profile. It is seamless and gives you cutting-edge, custom data analytics and automation technology to create effective patient-centred treatment plans.

There is NO ADDITIONAL WORK for you or your practice staff.

Engage Mx is fully automated and runs in the background; saving you time when managing patient follow-ups to ensure they comply with recommended treatment plans.

Engage Mx runs intelligent patient file analysis and prompts diagnosis-specific actions and patient communications for personalised care and long-term positive health outcomes.

There are no upfront fees to get Engage Mx activated in your practice, and because it is data-driven, you only pay upon the success of patient recalls. 

Future-Proof Your Practice

The benefits of Engage Mx to your practice are extensive. Reported results from some of the pilot practices with hypertensive patients show increased revenue due to increased patient visits activated by the recall tool. 

In the pilot phase, Engage Mx helped identify 300 non-compliant patients in these practices. There was a successful recall of 200 of the patients back to their doctors’ practices in the first two months of engagement, resulting in R100k additional revenue from consultations. It was also found that 92% of those patients had not seen the doctor in over two years.

Furthermore, patients appreciated the fact that their doctors took the time to review their files and call them back to the practice to ensure they were managing their hypertension appropriately. 

All this was achieved via Engage Mx. Imagine what it can do for your practice.

Don’t delay, join us as we shape the future of proactive healthcare. Contact us today to get started.

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Altron HealthTech, a division of Altron (Pty) Ltd, was founded when MedeMass, MediSwitch, and MedeServe consolidated their offerings to the market in 2016. Collectively, the company has provided innovative solutions to the healthcare industry for over 30 years.

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