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Here Are Three Reasons to Digitise Your Patient Medical Records

Digitise Your Patient Medical Records

Change might be hard, but electronic health records are fast becoming best practice for medical professionals.

Sceptical about storing health records online? You needn’t be. EHRs are the future of safe, streamlined, and efficient medical care that prioritises the patient. 

Electronic health records (eHRs) are fast becoming synonymous with streamlined efficiency in a medical practice, which aligns with optimised patient-centric care. But to professionals in an industry that has traditionally relied on the “trusty yellow filing system”, managing a medical practice online and storing classified health records electronically might seem risky, or suspicious at best.  

However, the time has come to switch from the analogue approach to running your practice, and here are three reasons why: 

1. A cloud-based clinical system is more secure 

With news of data leaks making headlines daily, it makes sense that cloud-based data storage feels like a risky business decision. But with the right productthe right partner, and the right level of encryption promising optimised security and protection, this couldn’t be further from the truth.  Storing patient records in the cloud ensures that only approved users have access to classified information. It also means that data can be shared quickly and safely between clinicians, and that there’s no risk of records being lost or destroyed.  Moreover, embracing EHR ensures that your practice aligns with the POPI Act, which requires you to keep records securely. HPCSA requirements also stipulate that adult patient records need to be kept for a minimum of six years (or 21 years in the case of minors). This amounts to a whole lot of storage space if you’re sticking to the law with an analogue system.   It’s also important to consider that the risk of keeping manual records is compounded once an unauthorised individual gains access to those physical records. With this in mind, and with the right level of encryption, storing records electronically is far safer and much more secure than keeping ageing yellow files under lock and key. 

2. Running a digital practice saves you time and money

There’s no better experience – for doctor or patient – than when a practice runs smoothly and efficiently. Intelligent, interoperable EHR software, such as Altron HealthTech’s intuitive clinical solution, HealthONE, will give you optimised visibility over your diary, and will even prompt you if you’re running behind.  

With that said, an efficient practice is about so much more than your schedule running on time. It extends to seamless day-to-day administration and patient care, from scheduling appointments to processing payments and inputting new client data. A medical practice saves hours of analogue time when a patient (even a new one) arrives and their data is already loaded onto your system. This not only improves your practice’s time management, but also optimises patient experience and satisfaction, which improves the overall credibility of your practice. 

Coupled with a user-friendly interface, the smart and interoperable functionality of HealthONE will also ensure that you can access a patient’s full medical history in one place, without delay. It also allows you to input new information, or draw up a prescription quickly and easily without detracting from hands-on patient care.  

Moreover, EHR leaves less margin for human error, which can be flagged with fast-developing AI technology. It also enables medical professionals to access their patient database remotely, helping doctors work safely and securely from anywhere in the world. It’s a win-win for both the medical fraternity and their patients.  

Another bonus? No storage fees for cumbersome hard-copy records, which also has a positive bearing on your practice’s carbon footprint. 

3. EHR optimises patient-centric care

Doctors and medical service providers are the gatekeepers of ethical, patient-centered healthcare. Medical professionals are there to bring human influence, and to provide the support needed to uphold the public’s right to quality healthcare.   

It’s therefore all the more crucial for doctors to leverage the tools available to them to ensure that digital technology is used ethically and responsibly, especially with recent advances in AI. In the medical space, this extends to pathology, diagnosis, record-keeping, and a collaborative approach to patient-centric care.  

Use EHR to the benefit of your patient by working together with a team of clinicians to tackle diagnoses and treatment plans. Engage with your peer network to initiate treatment swiftly and efficiently, upload data seamlessly, and eliminate time-consuming bottlenecks that could cost a patient time, money, or even their life.  

EHR ensures that a patient’s medical history is in one place, with the patient’s full treatment history, diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment plan accessible to all authorised users. This immediate accessibility encourages a collaborative treatment approach leading to faster diagnosis, swifter treatment, and better patient outcomes overall.  

EHR also eliminates instances where blood tests, X-rays, scans, and other costly procedures are duplicated from one clinician to the next. With EHR, a patient’s integrated pathology results are all on one patient file. No time or money is wasted duplicating tests, scans, and procedures, and bottlenecks in the treatment process are eliminated, making for a better patient experience.  

Still, concerned about data security? Altron HealthTech is on a journey to launch a world-class smart and data intuitive platform that will ensure that your data remains safe and secure with three layers of encryption. Why not book a demo or sign up to be the first practice to trial it for free for one month?

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Altron HealthTech, a division of Altron (Pty) Ltd, was founded when MedeMass, MediSwitch, and MedeServe consolidated their offerings to the market in 2016. Collectively, the company has provided innovative solutions to the healthcare industry for over 30 years.

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