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Experience HealthONE, the electronic health record of the future.

The future of cloud-based electronic health records

The time has come for you to make the move from paper to digital without changing your practice’s integrity, or the way you work.

HealthONE is an integrated electronic health records (eHR) platform that saves you time, improves your productivity, and empowers you to focus on what really matters – your patients.

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Unlocking new features:

We are continuously innovating and updating HealthONE. Be on the lookout for more features to be released this year. You can also stay informed on these new features by ticking the POPIA consent field in the form at the bottom of this web page.

Auto Save

HealthONE autosaves as you work. Your clinical notes will always be the latest on record, so you don’t have to worry about saving your work every second. This also saves you from medico-legal risks due to lost patient records, data integrity and productivity.

Service Provider Selection for Multi Discipline Billing

HealthONE autosaves as you work. Your clinical notes will always be the latest on record, so you don’t have to worry about saving your work every second. This also saves you from medico-legal risks due to lost patient records, data integrity and productivity.

Creating custom clinical templates

Engage with patients in the way best suited for your workflow by creating custom templates to manage different workflows.

Drug Allergy Alerts

Get instant allergy alerts when prescribing medication to your patients. *This feature is activated if patient allergies have been added to the record.

New Prescription Dosage Interface Input

Get more time with your patients by using the process a prescription by using a quick selection of buttons to create prescriptions.

Roles and Permissions

Configure and assign roles and permissions to staff and colleagues based on their jobs functions.


Book a new appointment directly on the clinical application diary
Doctors can now schedule an appointment with patient within HealthONE, without having to send the patient back to the practice administrators. With the appointment feature, you can:

  • Edit an existing appointment date or time frame
  • Start a new consultation for a patient without an appointment for example, in an emergency or walk-in consultation.

Patient File Extract

With HealthONE, you can export all or specific clinical information regarding the patient and submit to designated healthcare providers so that they have the full history of the patient.

Other Updates For You To Know About

Transformed patient-centric care

Manage your patients’ health care from wherever you are

HealthONE is developed with you and your patients in mind. It is a cloud-based eHR system which empowers you to manage your patients health efficiently and across devices wherever you are. 

Streamline your practice

HealthONE simplifies your patient data management, from appointment scheduling, clinical notes taking, billing, note taking, eScripting, claims submission and more. 

Our user-friendly interface also offers you a central place to:

  • View, check and update patient appointment status
  • Confirm types of appointments e.g., in-person or virtual
  • Gain a full view of the patient record, including demographic and medical aid information
  • Capture patient medical history
  • Dictate, Type or write clinical notes
  • Generate prescriptions and sick notes to email or download
  • Create referral letters to email or download as needed
  • Bill and submit medical claims to the scheme or send them to your admin staff for review

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  • Save time and money by automating your workflow and running your practice more efficiently (and more profitably).  
  • Need to streamline appointment scheduling, automate patient treatment plans and submit a backlog of claims? 
  • HealthONE integrates seamlessly with Altron HealthTech’s Elixir  Live practice management software, which automates your entire practice, stores existing patient data and upholds patient-doctor confidentiality with the latest in optimised data security. 

Protect your patient data

Concerned about data security and POPIA compliance?

HealthONE has three layers of world-class data encryption deployed at strategic points, which prevents looming cyber threats. Rest assured, our system protects your patients’ personal information and ensures that your practice is both POPIA compliant. 

Work the way you want

HealthONE takes easy-to-use innovation to the next level with a user-friendly interface that works the way you prefer to work. 

Whether you like to type, take notes by hand or use voice-to-text dictation, HealthONE is flexible and adaptive to your work style, empowering you to be as effective and efficient as possible. Our software is also device-agnostic, compatible with both Apple and Android devices. 

Integrated with Elixir Live

HealthONE is a dynamic plug-and-play platform centred on interoperability and intuitive adaptability. This smart solution integrates seamlessly with the Elixir Live practice management application, which also enables collaborative treatment across multiple practitioners within your practice.  

Run your practice with the electronic health record of the future.

Patient appointment dashboard

Run your entire practice from your diary.

Manage Appointments

All bookings from Elixir Live appear within your HealthONE automatically. No need for new entries.

Clinical note management

Voice-dictate, type or write your clinical notes on your device. You can capture patient vitals, health and body metrics, and attach documents.

HealthOne HealthTech African Woman Doctor Smart Phone

Customisable templates

Create and import clinical notes, tools and templates customised to your practice, and record and monitor every single aspect of your patients’ health with the clinical dashboard.

Simplified billing and claims submission

Automated invoice creation, processing, emailing, and tracking. Submit claims directly to the scheme or send the claim to your admin team for review.

Appointment reminders

Reduce no-shows and late cancellations with automated SMS and email reminders.

Electronic prescriptions, sick notes and referral notes

Generate prescriptions, sick notes and referral notes, to email or download as needed.


Integrates with Elixir Live, SwitchON, Google Meet (for telemedicine), and more.

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