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A Smart, Secure & Intuitive Electronic Health Record Solution

The Future of Cloud-Based EHR

Make the move from paper to digital without changing your practice’s integrity, or the way you work.

HealthONE is an integrated electronic health records (EHR) platform that that works with the Elixir Live practice management application to save you time and improve your productivity. HealthONE empowers you to focus on what really matters – your patients.

Now you can streamline your appointment scheduling, store existing patient data, automate your patient treatment plans, and submit backlogged claims, all from a centralised, user-friendly interface. And, with the latest in optimised data security, HealthONE helps you uphold doctor-patient confidentiality.

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Unlocking New Features:

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On the referral letter you will now be able to import details from previous consultation notes onto your referral notes without having to retype any details. This allows you to share the relevant information with the medical professional you are referring the patient to.
You will now be able to use your favourite medication and the patient’s previous prescriptions to generate a new prescription without the detailed search for medication. This will cut your prescription generation time significantly. You can also view or repeat patient script history.
The ability to share any consultation notes by generating a PDF report is now available.
Some of the other exciting new features included in this release are:
  • The ability to create invoice notes and manage billing contacts.
  • Add free text on certain conditions.
We are continuously innovating and updating HealthONE. Be on the lookout for more features to be released this year. You can also stay informed on these new features by Signing Up.

Whenever a new release is available, users of the system will now see a banner message alerting them of the changes in the new software update.

Currently, the doctors receive the pathology results for the patient by email. The doctor can now opt to receive pathology results from Ampath, Lancet, and Pathcare Laboratories directly into your patient’s clinical record.

Pathology Results Import now provides the doctor with a consolidated view of the patient’s clinical record within HealthOne Cloud.

This feature allows the doctor to save the referral letter to be completed at a later time.
The patient information panel now shows you a patient’s date of birth, and age and also provides the user a clickable link directly into the capture screens for Allergies, illnesses and Medications, Surgeries, and History.
Filters and a search feature have been added to the attachment screen to allow the doctor to find specific attachments easier.
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Developed with you and your patients in mind, HealthONE is a cloud-based eHR system that empowers you to manage your patients’ health optimally and efficiently, from wherever you are, with whatever device you prefer to work on.

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Other Updates For You To Know About

The Electronic Health Record Of The Future

Streamline your practice administration and run your business more efficiently with intentional and focused patient-centred care. Designed with doctors in mind, HealthONE gives you every reason to digitise your practice and invest in safe and secure eHR.

Key Benefits of HealthONE:

Simplify your patient data management with centralised administrative features and capabilities, like appointment scheduling, clinical note-taking, billing, e-scripting, claims submissions, and more. Generate electronic prescriptions, sick notes or referrals to email or download as needed.

Access your patient records and oversee their treatment – from wherever you are in the world – thanks to HealthONE’s cloud-based eHR functionality. The online dashboard enables you to create and import clinical notes, tools and templates customised to your practice, so you can stay on top of your patients’ health records.

Run your practice from a centralised dashboard that gives you an overview of upcoming appointments, which are automatically synced with Elixir Live (no need for new entries).

With three layers of world-class data encryption deployed at strategic points, HealthONE protects your patients’ personal information, prevents looming cyber threats, and ensures POPIA compliance.

Whether you like to type, take notes by hand or use voice-to-text dictation, HealthONE is flexible and adaptive to your work style, empowering you to be as efficient as possible. Capture patient vitals, load health and body metrics, and attach documents to a patient’s online folder for effective clinical notes management.

HealthONE’s software is device-agnostic, compatible with both Apple and Android devices. Taking easy-to-use innovation to the next level, this is an eHR solution with a user-friendly interface that works the way you prefer to work.

HealthONE is a dynamic plug-and-play platform centred on interoperability and intuitive adaptability. It integrates with SwitchON, as well as the Elixir Live practice management application, enabling collaborative treatment across multiple practitioners within your practice.

HealthONE automates the invoicing procedure, which means that invoices are automatically created, processed, emailed and tracked. It also enables you to submit claims directly to a patient’s medical aid, or to send the claim to your admin team for review.

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