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Real-Time Claims Switching

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Easier Claim Payments

Altron HealthTech’s industry-leading claims switching solution, SwitchOn (formally known as MediSwitch), not only improves cashflow but also reduces financial risk by ensuring that you get paid on time, every time.

Stay up to date on the status of your claims and eliminate any potential issues that might affect payment with SwitchOn’s daily action report. You can also get more detailed information about your claims, as well as perform member status validation, and benefit checking (among other functionalities) with access to WEBDesk, Altron HealthTech’s easy-to-use claims management portal.

The numbers* don’t lie: – Over 8,000 healthcare practices have trusted us to power their claims switching . With a downtime record of 0.0%, SwitchOn is a claims switching solution that promises customers advanced claims management, and faster payments with minimal hassle.

*According to our 2021 audited results

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For Quick and Secure Claims Management

SwitchOn is a comprehensive claims switching solution that gives you the convenience of immediate claims switching and tracking, with several value-added services.

Key Benefits Of SwitchOn:

SwitchOn MediSwitch Medical Doctor Calculator

Validate your patients’ scheme membership information to ensure that you have the correct patient name, date of birth, dependant codes, and more. You receive one free MSV for every claim submitted (e.g. if you submit five claims, you’re entitled to five free MSVs).

Reduce potential bad debt by checking a patient’s remaining medical-aid funds before administering treatment. Submit a quote to your patient’s scheme and receive verification telling you how much the medical aid will pay on behalf of the patient.

Receive an immediate online response to every claim, including instant member checks. This reduces the length of claim payment cycles, and ensures a steady cash flow for a healthier practice.

Stay up to date on the status of submitted claims with comprehensive responses from the medical aid or from SwitchOn. The solution’s medres functionality allows you to track and manage submitted claims at any point in the process.

Keep track of paid claims and simplify your reconciliation processes with limited manual intervention. SwitchOn’s eRA functionality allows you to receive auto-reconcilable remittances, reducing allocation errors and administrative workloads.

Reverse a claim with ease if, for whatever reason, the patient’s medical aid scheme does not pay the full claim amount. This feature can also be used to determine whether a claim will be paid immediately.

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