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The Altron HealthTech Journey

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Everyone in healthcare has a story. This is ours…

Almost everyone in healthcare has a story, with a why. We at Altron HealthTech resonate with that, because we live out our customers’ why alongside them, every day.

We’re a company focused on so much more than a business-focused bottom line, which is why we recognise that your journey started with the patient in mind.

And this is why our journey starts with you.

Humans (and their circumstances) are unique and unpredictable, but when patients start developing patterns around their healthcare maintenance, we have the tools to help with best-in-class, patient-centred, preventative care.

In the 30-plus years that Altron HealthTech has been in the business, almost every medical professional we’ve encountered has told us of a moment, a story they can recall about when they decided that healthcare would be their field of choice.

You’re probably thinking of your moment right now.

It might have been that time your GP let you listen to your heartbeat through their stethoscope, or when you broke your leg and the orthopaedic surgeon took time to explain the X-ray to you. It might have been when you gave blood for the first time, or held your mother’s hand during her chemo sessions. Maybe seeing a fatal car accident, or watching a diabetic friend check their sugar levels was the turning point, the something that made you want to give your everything.

Whatever your story, we know that your journey into healthcare started with the patient in mind, which is why our journey at Altron HealthTech’s starts with you.

We’re a company that started out as a pioneer in practice management applications (PMAs). And while we might also be experts in electronic claims switching, our real passion is pretty similar to yours, really. Our bottom line? Taking care of the business side of your practice and empowering you to focus on what really matters – your patients.

At Altron HealthTech, we  pride ourselves on integrating globally relevant software solutions to impact the lives of healthcare professionals and their patients. Our products include medical administration solutions, and the latest in online data storage technology, like electronic health records (eHR). But our pride? Our pride is our relationship with you, and how we help you serve your patients effectively, efficiently, and without the added burden of administration, or having to learn the ropes of new software and technologies.

The Altron HealthTech Journey Medical Technology

You didn’t go to med school to study business

Hands up who went to business school? Hands up whose med school prepared them to run a business? Most medical professionals who choose to run their own business need to sink or swim when it comes to claims, billing, switching and running a solvent ship. And that’s before they need to think about their primary priority, the patient.

Med school didn’t teach you to run a business, so that’s where we come in. See us as your business prowess partner, operating seamlessly in the background. We realise that your priority is not to stay informed and up to date with the latest in healthcare technology, and that it’s not in your best interest to slog away at admin after hours. As your partner in healthcare, we’re the ones doing that for you. We are on top of the latest in healthcare and administration technology so you don’t have to be.

And because your patient is our priority too, we know you need a partner more than just a service provider. You need more than a just a software specialist that offers practice management, online record keeping, or switching solutions. You need a collaborator who is with you on your journey to establishing and sustaining a flourishing, patient-centred practice. A partner that saves you time so you can focus on what you were called to do.

And this is where we come in, because at Altron HealthTech, we are so much more than just our products. More than a PMA, or a switch, or an eHR. We’re a partner that cares about your patient too.

Supporting the empowered patient

Love it or loathe it, clinicians are no longer the only source of patients’ decisions-making resources. Owing to rapidly advancing digital technology, readily available information, and the steady consumerisation of healthcare, there has been a shift in patient mindset, and people are taking healthcare into their own hands. Today’s patients are conducting their own research, garnering second opinions, and making decisions on their own behalf.

But this shouldn’t mean that healthcare professionals have to take a step back. In fact, it means the opposite. Yes, patients are changing, but the patients’ care and wellbeing are still at the centre of our profession. Now, more than ever, patients need an inclusive and supportive ecosystem of medical professionals, buoyed by state-of-the-art software and technologies.

The end goal? An empowered patient supported by knowledgeable doctors and ancillary technologies that, together, boost the baseline of primary healthcare. As the Hippocratic Oath states, healthcare workers are part of society too, with an obligation to the health and wellbeing of the community as a whole. And whether you’re an MD or a nurse, a specialist or general practitioner, in allied healthcare or an integral cog in the machine of support staff, this is where you come in.

Team Work Digital Medical Collaboration

But where does Altron HealthTech come in?

We know you have a job to do, and we know you want to do it effectively and efficiently, delivering quality care with international standards and best-practice protocol. To do so, you need the best tools to run your business, which is what we have to offer.

We’re not just talking about scheduling tools, eHR and billing solutions (even though we do all of this too). We’re talking about advanced tools and technologies (leveraging AI and machine learning) that enable you to run a thriving business and offer engaged and preventative care.

Imagine preemptive patient care, and having the tools to know that one patient gets the same cough every winter,  while another is prone to shingles in the spring. Humans (and their circumstances) are unique and unpredictable, but when patients start developing patterns around their healthcare maintenance, we have the tools to help with preventative care.

Imagine upping the ante on traditional note taking with streamlined and simplified patient data management, as well as safe and POPIA-compliant electronic record keeping. Whether you’re inputting a new patient, updating existing records or simply doing your rounds, Altron HealthTech makes it easy for you to integrate the way you’re used to working with a safe, secure and user-friendly method of delivering best-in-class-care.

Imagine optimised patient engagement, and having the tools to follow up with post-op patients, or remind those who suffer from chronic conditions that they need to come in for their routine screening. You’re only one caregiver, and your business only has so much capacity. But, with Altron HealthTech as a key member of your team, and one that is equally dedicated to your unique journey, we can increase your capacity, improve your workflow, and optimise your practice while you do exactly what you were trained to do.

With Altron HealthTech you can be sure that you’re partnering with a company that cares about the dynamics of an ever-evolving industry. Our goal is to stay relevant and sustainable so we can keep you relevant and sustainable for the health and well-being of your patients. After all, our team is as passionate about your patients as you are. Not convinced? Meet them here.

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Altron HealthTech, a division of Altron (Pty) Ltd, was founded when MedeMass, MediSwitch, and MedeServe consolidated their offerings to the market in 2016. Collectively, the company has provided innovative solutions to the healthcare industry for over 30 years.

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