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Elixir Live’s Transaction Analysis Report

Digital Medical Practice Elixir Lives Transaction

We are continuously seeking ways to provide value to you, our valued customer. In the past month, Elixir Live underwent a series of updates to ensure we meet the practice management needs of our customers even better. One of the challenges experienced by practices is to access reports on the various transaction types in a quick and simplified method.

Before the update, customers were confronted with the mammoth tasks of generating various reports for their day-to-day and month-end reporting. There were issues of human error finger error on the excel spreadsheet; resulting in the incorrect analysis of data when payments were due to the doctors.

Effective Reporting with the Transaction Analysis Report

It is essential for reports to allow selection criteria on various categories and efficiently produce relevant information to improve productivity. To ensure we effectively developed and improved the reporting functionality we interviewed some of our Elixir Live users, in particular, practice managers and accountants.

The update, therefore, addresses the need for practices to easily identify all the relevant debit and credit transactions associated with them and appropriately allocate revenue. The new report considers all Debits and Credits in each period and reflects Credits and their allocations, as follows:

  • Debits are reflected by the service provider and clinic
  • Credits are reflected by the service provider and clinic to which it has been allocated.
  • Debits and credits that are unlinked to a service provider are reflected as “Unspecified”.
  • Debits and credits that are unlinked to a clinic are reflected under “Unspecified”.
  • By using “Clinic” as part of the report criteria, allows the user to report back on the clinic’s financial status.

We have also added an enabler feature to operate hand in hand with the transaction analysis report. This will assist in keeping track of service providers on reversals of payments as is required by the Account transaction analysis report.

All our Elixir Live product users have received release notes about these features and other key updates. Click here to book a product demo. Alternatively, if your practice administrators require training for optimal product usage, send an email to healthtech.training@altron.com.

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