Manage your practice anytime with one secure, accessible solution.

Running a practice requires you to be more than just a doctor. Elixir Live simplifies the administration burdens to turn your practice into a sustainable and efficient business so that you can focus on providing the best possible care to your patients!

With Elixir Live, you have 24-hour access to your safely stored data anywhere in South Africa where you have internet connectivity.

Key Benefits:

Intelligent Billing

  • Smart billing that guides you to optimize your billing by ensuring you apply the correct tariffs and modifiers.
  • Automatically implemented rules for 0005 modifiers
  • Get suggestions of correct billing codes and modifiers for your practice and procedures.
  • Manage your cashflow and practice reputation with schemes by applying appropriate rules.

Appointment Management

  • Online scheduling of appointments.
  • Central portal to create different appointment types.
  • View patient notes/documents.
  • Bill the patient at the end of a visit.

Claims Management

  • Smart integration with your preferred switch or our real-time switch, SwitchON.
  • Perform member status validation (MSV) to validate scheme membership and import schemes patient data.
  • Perform benefit availability checks to see if a patient has funds available.

Engage Mx Patient Recall

  • Utilise South Africa’s first state-of-the-art technology to recall patients autonomously to your practice for screening and chronic disease management based on their unique health profile.
  • Provides a smart patient file analysis to identify patients who should have returned for screening or chronic care follow-up.
  • Be empowered to provide personalised, proactive healthcare to every patient without additional work or data capturing.
  • Secure access and storage of your data

  • POPIA Compliant and data is securely stored in the cloud.
  • Security roles allow you to see who and when records were created or edited.
  • Encrypted email attachments.
  • Secure telehealth functionality

  • Enabled for Recomed telehealth / virtual consults.
  • Secure, smart, and efficient with no requirements for additional software for you or your patients.
  • Your day-day tasks, simplified:

    • Electronic remittance advice (eRAs)
      • eRAs are automatically uploaded to Elixir Live. Payments can be auto-allocated against original claims, or manually allocated from exception reports.
    • Membership status validation (MSV) and Benefit Checking
      • The MSV function allows you to verify whether a patient is an active member of a medical aid scheme.
      • Check whether a patient has funds available for a procedure before treatment is rendered.
    • Business intelligence reporting and charts
      • Get comprehensive financial reports including age analysis, transactional detail and financial summaries to assist you in making informed business decisions regarding your practice. Analytics offers you the ability to mine data using advanced analytics tools with support for multi-level grouping.
    • Tariff pricing
      • The automated tariff service gives you virtually immediate access to the latest medical scheme pricing as well as access to pricing linked to medical scheme contracts.

    Get the trusted Practice Management Software in your practice today:

    • Manage your practice anytime with one secure, accessible solution.
    • Elixir Live is a smart practice management systemthat lets you manage your practice and patients anytime you need to with one secure, accessible solution.
    • With Elixir Live, you have 24-hour access to your safely stored data anywhere in South Africa where you have internet connectivity. Access to a static international IP address can be arranged outside our borders.
    • Elixir Live ensures that the billing side of their business runs smoothly by taking the headache out of administrative duties and seamlessly switch your claims to medical schemes in real-time.

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