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Payment Solutions

Tailor-Made Payment Solutions For Medical Professionals.

Improved Cash Flow, Real-Time Transactions

While medical shortfalls and gap payments are an unfortunate reality in the healthcare sector, that doesn’t mean your practice should suffer. Altron HealthTech’s range of integrated payment solutions improve your cash flow with real-time transactions, and increase foot traffic by making payment simple and accessible for your patients.

Our services offering gives you the freedom to tailor-make your payment solutions (depending on your practice needs), and offer patients alternative options to settle their accounts.

Payment Solutions Doctor Credit Card Machine
Credit Card Solutions Payment Square Logo
Capture and save transactions in your practice management application with Altron HealthTech’s standalone wireless credit card device.Offered in partnership with Altron Fintech, this solution gives patients the option to pay with their debit or credit card. Once paid, the transaction is captured and saved in your practice management system, automating your transactions and making your financial transactions easier to manage.
Key Benefits
  • Reliable, bank-accredited card solutions
  • Fast, real-time connectivity
  • Competitive bank charges
  • Daily reconciliation reports

Tailor-Made Payment Solutions

DebiCheck Payment Solutions Square Logo
In partnership with Altron Fintech, Altron HealthTech has developed a solution for patients who are not able to afford their bill in one payment. The MedeMass DebiCheck Solution is a payment plan that helps patients settle their accounts over time.DebiCheck is a debit order system that allows for real-time or delayed payment, allowing your practice to load future-dated transactions on payment accounts. These can be authenticated via different verification methods, including USSD and online banking or via a card and PIN.
Key Benefits
  • Single, multiple, or future-dated instalments
  • Improved collection rates
  • Reduced debt risk
  • Online transactional tracking, reporting and maintenance
  • Fewer payment disputes
  • Immediate processing following credit runs

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