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An HPCSA-Compliant Digital Marketing Solution

Focused On Growing Your Medical Practice

In a steadily evolving digital world – compounded by a fast-developing healthcare sector – the online presence of your medical practice is paramount. Research shows that more patients choose their healthcare provider based on the strength and reputation of their website and online presence, including social media, which is why we partnered with Market Mx to bring you a comprehensive, HPCSA-compliant digital marketing solution tailor-made for private healthcare practices.

MediNet Connect has a solution to fit your needs, whether you run a small practice or a multidisciplinary practice group. We at Altron HealthTech know that a one-size-fits-all approach to digital marketing won’t cut it in the healthcare industry, which is why we offer bespoke but affordable packages to help you acquire new patients and establish your practice’s online presence.

Key Benefits of MediNet Connect:

MediNetConnect Patient Increased Online Exposure

Make sure that your practice appears in online searches that are relevant to your speciality and/or specific service provision. Our unique multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals and digital marketing experts work together to optimise Google Ads for medical practitioners.

Stimulate interest in your practice and attract the types of patients who could become lifetime customers with our enhanced new-patient acquisition technology and patient-focused marketing campaigns.

A doctor’s online presence is nothing without its functionality and features. We make sure your website is mobile ready and  designed with custom integrations (like WhatsApp, RecoMed and calendar bookings) based on your needs.

MediNet Connect adheres to HPCSA marketing guidelines, featuring ground-up technology to ensure POPIA compliance.

Choose from a range of packages to give you the best return on investment for the lowest price, based on your business’s unique needs.

Attract New Patients, Grow Your Profits

With no upfront fees and continuous client support (depending on your chosen package), the team at MediNet Connect gets your website up and running, manages your online posts and social media, and takes care of your digital marketing needs with our unique group of Google Ads specialists and niche medical professionals. Let us help you!
World-Class Digital Marketing Services
  • Acquire new patients from just R1000 a month. Our unique team of medical practitioners and tech experts will match your business needs and provide world-class and innovative tools to unlock the most valuable results. Click here to download the brochure.
Website Development & Maintenance
  • Establish an online presence from just R400 monthly. We will build your online profile and design a professional, intelligent, and multi-functional website. Click here to download the brochure.

Let’s Connect

Are you ready to improve your online presence and grow your practice revenue? We have several affordable packages to choose from, depending on your needs: