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Electronic Scripting

Free E-Scripting Solution

For Modern, Efficient & Professional Patient Service

Save on consultation time and reduce interpretation errors between doctor and pharmacist with Altron HealthTech’s FREE electronic scripting (e-scripting) solution. Benefitting the prescriber, the dispenser and – ultimately – the patient, our solution empowers practitioners to provide modern, efficient and professional patient services.

e-Scripting empowers you to:

  • Generate electronic prescriptions, sick notes, and referral letters.
  • Complete e-scripts in seconds and save them to patient history.
  • Personalise scripts and SMS a copy to the patient.
  • Instantly create new scripts from a patient’s history or from a list of saved scripts.
  • Expedite and simplify chronic scripting.
  • Curate a list of preferred medicines, frequently used scripts and ICD-10 codes.

Did you know?

Integrating e-Scripting with a practice management application (PMA), like Altron HealthTech’s Elixir Live, can improve patient safety. Having a patient’s full medical history, a comprehensive pharmacopeia and a disease guide at your fingertips ­(and in one central place) can help reduce any potential adverse reactions to drugs. It also ensures that all patient data can be found on a central client record for easy access.Moreover, Altron HealthTech’s e-scripting solution gives you immediate access to clinical support tools and automated updates. And the best part? It’s FREE.

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