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Introducing the future of proactive healthcare

Take your patient management plan from reactive to proactive

Engage Mx is an intelligent data-driven solution that takes your patient management plan from reactive to proactive, putting the power of data intelligence at your fingertips.

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The future of healthcare is value-based, an approach that optimises health outcomes and reduces the cost of healthcare based on the patients’ individual needs.

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Healthcare is about more than simply helping patients manage their symptoms. It is also about moving them from illness to wellness. With Engage Mx, a new feature you can opt into in Elixir Live, you will be able to utilise intelligent and connected healthcare with minimal effort from you and your staff.

Onboarding to Engage Mx is frictionless. Whether you are an existing Elixir Live practice management application (PMA) user or want to start using the PMA in your practice, all you need to do is opt in to activate the Engage Mx as one of practice tools.

  • There are NO UPFRONT FEES when activating Engage Mx. You only pay whenever there is a successful patient recall.
  • There is NO ADDITIONAL WORK for you or your practice staff. Engage Mx is fully automated and runs in the background.

Engage Mx offers a data-driven solution that will help you increase your revenue while decreasing morbidity and mortality for your patients.

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Increase your revenue by using Engage Mx to remind comorbidity patients to book their follow-up appointments.

Pay as you use, only pay for patients who have returned to your practice due to the Engage Mx automated reminders.

Well managed patients means greater health and lower comorbidity complications and related illnesses.

South Africa’s first POPIA compliant solution that plugs into your existing Elixir Live system.

Elixir Live and Engage Mx are fully POPIA compliant, your patient’s information is safe and secure. Doctor-patient confidentiality is of paramount importance thus our system is encrypted to prevent unauthorized use of your information. Our cloud-based systems ensure your information is auditable to mitigate against the risk of medico-legal cases.

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With Engage Mx, we are effectively leveraging technology by providing practitioners and patients with the tools to engage in proactive healthcare and shift to a value-based model.

Engage Mx is the future of value-based healthcare, join us as we change the world.

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