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For Proactive Patient Management and Engagement

Altron HealthTech understands that effective patient management is the cornerstone of a thriving healthcare sector. We believe that proactive patient engagement reduces the overall cost of healthcare by decreasing morbidity and mortality rates, managing the health of each patient and improving the baseline of primary healthcare.This is why we partnered with software developer Market Mx, a specialist in patient engagement and acquisition, to develop an intelligent data-driven Elixir feature that takes your patient management plan from reactive to proactive, with the power of data intelligence.
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South Africa’s first POPIA-compliant software solution that enables healthcare professionals to improve patient engagement at scale, without costing you time (which is already in short supply). It’s an automated assistant that recalls patients back to your practice based on their unique health, disease and risk profile.

Engage Mx is a feature within Altron HealthTech’s PMA (Elixir Live or ME+) to track your patients’ data profiles and identify those who are eligible for a screening and/or follow-up. The system then alerts your patients that they are due for an appointment, and monitors patients for non-compliance. This one-of-a-kind solution empowers doctors to offer proactive healthcare, without overspending or exhausting limited resources.

Moreover, patients are empowered to take ownership of their health through personalised and relevant engagements with their provider, preventing unnecessary setbacks on your patients’ wellness journey.

Key Benefits of Engage Mx:

Remind patients to book their routine screenings and/or follow-up appointments (post-procedure or chronic disease).

Improve your patients’ overall wellbeing through optimised patient management. This reduces comorbidity complications and related illnesses.

Onboarding to Engage Mx is frictionless. Opt in via your existing Elixir Live practice management application and let this fully automated tool run in the background.

Engage Mx (like Elixir Live) is POPIA compliant, employing state-of-the-art encryption technology to ensure the safety and security of your patients’ confidential information.

With Engage Mx, patients are managed at a primary care level for longer, preventing costly complications down the line.

Automated Patient Recall

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Optimised healthcare should be focused on prioritising the wellbeing of patients and reducing the cost of healthcare based on patients’ individual needs. Engage Mx enables healthcare professionals to build their business by engaging with patients for better continuity of care. This ultimately increases the positive health outcomes of patients ¬– with no additional legwork.

Together with our partner, Market Mx, Altron HealthTech realises that there is more to healthcare than the management of symptoms. It is about holistic patient management, and moving patients from illness to wellness. Engage Mx is the future of optimised patient management. Are you ready to know more?

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