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Who We Are

We are transforming from being pioneers of practice management solutions and electronic claims switching; to an organisation that prides itself on integrating globally relevant solutions for maximum impact in healthcare. By focusing on eliminating technical complexities experienced in the healthcare industry, we are working towards developing innovative solutions that enable differentiated healthcare technology. Our goal is to connect communities with simplified yet innovative healthcare, wherever they are.

What We Do

Practice Management Billing Solutions

Our practice management solutions are integrated with telehealth functionalities, with user-friendly interface tools, to help you streamline practice administration functions in a secure and accessible way. We enable centralised patient records, electronic account management, disparate tariff management, automated reconciliation, financial reporting with analytics, stock management, and more.

Clinical Solutions and Electronic Health Records

Our integrated electronic health records (eHR) platform saves time, improves productivity, and empowers healthcare practitioners to focus on what really matters – their patients.

Our clinical solution is developed with healthcare practitioners and patients in mind. It is a cloud-based eHR system which empowers healthcare practitioners to manage their patients’ health effectively and across devices wherever they are.

Claims Switching

We are the leading and trusted claim switch in the South African healthcare industry. Clients trust us to improve cash flow and reduce the financial risk of not being paid on time.

Our real-time switching has had 0.01% unplanned downtime, giving our customers advanced claims management and faster payments with less hassle.

HealthOne Oncology - Chemotherapy Prescription Module

Our oncology solution based on clinical best practice protocols, drives the issuing of chemotherapy medication and that tracks and manages the cycle of chemotherapy activities. Our solution offers doctors and patients the benefit of driving better patient outcomes and efficiency in the delivery of chemotherapy care.

Engage Mx

Engage Mx is an intelligent software that recalls eligible patients to their provider based on their unique health, disease and risk profile. It is your automated assistant that helps you keep track of all your patients.

Whether a patient is due for screening, a chronic disease check-up or post-procedure follow-up, Engage Mx identifies non-compliant patients and brings them back for your medical service.

Practice Business Management Services

MedeServe is Altron HealthTech’s medical bureau, that lightens the everyday admin load on healthcare businesses. Our expertise in medical business management helps healthcare practices stay on top of billing, rejection management, debt collection, financial control and so much more.

With us, you can be sure of quality delivery – from practice administration to claims management; from credit control to tax and accounting services.

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