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The Engage Mx Solution

Engage Mx is an intelligent software that recalls eligible patients to their provider based on their unique health, disease and risk profile.

It is your automated assistant that helps you keep track of all your patients. Whether a patient is due for screening, a chronic disease check-up or post-procedure follow-up, Engage Mx identifies non-compliant patients and brings them back for your medical service.

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The Power of Engage Mx

The problem we solve:

Busy healthcare providers don’t have time to regularly look through every patient file to identify patients who are due for a follow-up, engage with them and ensure they attend their appointments. This results in patients missing screenings, not following up for chronic conditions or post-procedure check-ups, as well as the loss of potential revenue for providers.

Engage Mx has identified thousands of non-compliant patients. After recalling these patients to their healthcare provider, many were found to have asymptomatic but dangerously high blood pressure, early-stage cancer, and other comorbidities that were poorly controlled. These patients would have only returned to their healthcare provider when they began to develop symptoms.

Thanks to Engage Mx, many lives and livelihoods have been saved.

How Engage Mx Works

The software is a robust plugin that scans through your entire patient database. It integrates medication and laboratory data and builds a unique health and risk profile for every single patient. It plugs into your existing administration and clinical systems, processing patient data autonomously and without any additional work required.*

It then identifies patients who are due for follow-ups or patients who are eligible for screening. Engage Mx then engages with these patients through multiple channels, ensuring that they return to your platform, practice or network.

The software scans through the patient database daily.

Engage Mx then proactively monitors these patients, as well as all other patients. At any time a patient falls out of compliance with a follow-up or becomes eligible for a screening activity, they are prompted by the software to ensure they return.

Benefits of Engage Mx


Research published by The Lancet found primary healthcare can decrease the need for unnecessary hospital admissions, prevent avoidable readmissions, and limit inappropriate use of emergency departments.

Engage Mx ensures that patients are managed at a primary care level for longer. Better management of chronic diseases, early detection of cancer and complications of diseases means that the overall cost of healthcare is decreased.


Providers are empowered to deliver high-quality proactive, personalised and preventative healthcare. Implementing Engage Mx not only results in improved health outcomes for patients but increased revenue and improves practice reputation.

Patients and Society

Based on internal analysis of our South African operations, Engage Mx has improved compliance rates by 30% across chronic disease management and cancer screening. This has translated into an increase in the detection of early-stage cancer by 12%, early complications of chronic disease by 14% and in qualitative research, patient satisfaction among the cohort of eligible patients has increased by 83%.

Governments and Regulators

Primary Healthcare is a focus for Governments across the world. The solution has the potential to be a core contributor to improving patient outcomes, reducing costs and improving societal health.

Engage Mx Works For The Following Conditions and Screenings:

  • Hypertension
  • Diabetes
  • Dyslipidaemia
  • Asthma
  • Epilepsy
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Cervical cancer screening
  • Prostate cancer screening
  • General check-ups

Why Engage MX

Engage Mx is fully automated. That means no additional work or data capturing by patients, payers or providers. It works on data that is already digitised. It does not require the use of an additional system or software. All communications are personalised and can be customised to suit your business needs.

Engage Mx, can be implemented to ensure full compliance with healthcare, data and IT regulations and standards.

Engage Mx works for all providers. It comes with powerful clinical and financial data analytics and vital information on noncompliance and return rates; whether you are a telehealth platform, hospital network, solo or multi-doctor practice.

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