Your Comprehensive Practice Management Solution

Running a practice requires you to be more than just a doctor. Elixir Live simplifies the administration burdens to turn your practice into a sustainable and efficient business so that you can focus on providing the best possible care to your patients! 

Key Benefits:

Appointment Management

  • Online scheduling of appointments
  • Central portal to create different appointment types
  • View patient notes/documents
  • Bill the patient at the end of a visit

Claims Management

  • Member status validation (MSV) to validate scheme membership & import schemes patient data
  • Benefit availability checks to see if patient has funds available.
  • SwitchOn – Realtime assessment of submitted claims

    Enhanced Patient Communication

    • Autonomously patient recalls patients based on their unique health profile via Engage MX.
    • Automated SMS notification of scheduled appointment
    • Reminder SMSs to prevent no-shows

    Credit Control

    • Efficient and effective work-flow process to manage your credit control from one central function.
    • The practice owner can view when the last activity happened on an account to ensure payments are made.
    • Manage your practice anytime with one secure, accessible solution.
    • Elixir Live is a comprehensive, cloud-based practice management application that lets you manage your practice and patients anytime you need to with one secure, accessible solution.
    • With Elixir Live, you will have 24-hour access to your safely stored data anywhere in South Africa where you have internet connectivity. Access to a static international IP address can be arranged outside our borders.
    • Quote, bill, and claim in one step with Elixir Live.
    • Elixir Live ensures that the billing side of their business runs smoothly by taking the headache out of administrative duties and seamlessly switch your claims to medical schemes in real-time.

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