Improved cash flow with real-time transactions

We can help you tailor-make your payment solutions according to your practice needs, give your patients alternative options for settling their accounts and ensure the safe collection of medical shortfalls and gap payments.

Our payment solutions offer improved cash flow with real-time transactions. By using one of the integrated payment solutions, you can increase foot-flow through your practice doors because you make payment easy for your patients.

Credit Card Solutions

Automatically capture and save transactions in your practice management system.

The Altron HealthTech stand-alone and wireless credit card solution, in partnership with NuPay, a division of Altron,  gives your patients alternative options for settling their accounts. When patients pay with their credit or debit card, the transaction is automatically captured and saved in your practice management system, thereby making your finances easier to manage.

Key Benefits:

  • Competitive bank charges
  • Fast, real-time connectivity
  • Reliable, bank-accredited card solutions
  • Daily reconciliation reports


Assist patients who are not able to afford their bill in one payment.

Offer your patients a payment plan to settle their accounts with the Altron HealthTech MedeMass DebiCheck Solution, in partnership with  NuPay, a division of Altron.

Improved cash flow with real-time transactions. 

DebiCheck is a new debit order system that has replaced the AEDO (Authenticated Early Debit Order) payment stream. Debit order instructions can be loaded in real-time or delayed, depending on the mandated type that has been submitted.

DebiCheck enables your practice to load future-dated transactions on patient accounts, which can be authenticated via multiple methods such as USSD, online banking or via card and PIN.

Key Benefits:

  • Improved collection rates
  • Transactional tracking, reporting and maintenance can be done online
  • Reduced debt risk
  • Minimised disputes, as all transactions are authenticated through an electronic mandate
  • Load single or multiple, future-dated instalments
  • DebiCheck transactions are processed immediately after the banks have processed their ‘credit run’

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