Juan Greeff is a Medical Orthotist and Prosthetist who provides Orthopedic services in Uitenhage, in the Eastern Cape.

His practice customises and supplies medical necessities like supportive bracing, artificial limbs, plastic splints, moon boots, braces and other prostheses to local GPs and Orthopedic surgeons. A business of this nature requires highly specialised material to create custom prosthetics, and they need to maintain high stock levels of general prosthetics.

Juan explained to us that two and a half years ago, he took the ambitious step and bought the Orthopaedic services practice he was employed in. While he was ready to take on the foreseeable challenges and risks that being a new business owner would bring, nothing could have prepared Juan for the blow of the pandemic. Not only did his practice suffer, but his dynamic was further complicated by his location – a small town that relies heavily on referrals. This isolation created a knock-on effect that put insurmountable pressure on the entrepreneur and his young business.

Juan applied for our cash advance solution through MediAdvance on a Monday and the funds were in his account by Thursday.

“The process was incredibly smooth and pleasant, and I couldn’t believe I got the finance that quickly! Traditionally I’ve used banks for loans, but this was unsustainable and MediAdvance proved to be an absolute lifeline. The application process was simple and predictable, and MediAdvance was welcoming when other lenders were resistant to my plight”, he explained.

Juan strategically used his MediAdvance to replenish his vital stock reserves for his business model. There are similarities drawn from how MediAdvance works with the medical practice business: In the same way, Juan works with bodies in need of prosthetics to support them when they need it most, and MediAdvance offers auxiliary bracing, which supports the business structure when there is a need to recuperate or grow.

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