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If you are a corporate or clinic looking for an application that offers electronic health records as part of the deal, we would recommend ME+. Not only does it increase efficiencies and streamline administrative functions, but it is flexible, scalable, and offers the latest tools to ensure that healthcare professionals spend more time with their patients.

ME+ can operate on multiple screens, submit electronic claims and carry on posting with no downtime. Moving between different pages is made simple with the minimising function that allows you to navigate between different tasks at the same time.

Secure access and storage of your data

ME+ has built-in security measures encrypting your data, ensure that even if practice data is stolen, it can’t be used on another machine. User rights are customisable to give you ultimate control over who can access or edit data.

Key features of ME+:

Networking capabilities

Local and wide-area connectivity with global, multiuser access via the ME+ terminal client. The ME+ practice billing application supports full and fast remote access to data at the office, print reports, capture transactions via all fixed-line and wireless internet connections.

Appointment diary

Managing your accounts, sending transactions, printing statements, and capturing payments from a central diary. You can also quickly identify the status of an appointment through colour-coded keys and display multiple resources and dates simultaneously for a complete overview.

Financial capabilities

ME+ caters to all industry requirements including complex pricing structures. It boasts fully integrated debtors, creditors and stock control modules.

Tariff code and pricing updates

The automated tariff service gives you virtually immediate access to the latest medical scheme pricing as well as access to pricing linked to medical scheme contracts. Get automatic tariff pricing updates per scheme option and contract. ME+ comes with automatic modifiers, assistant fees, interest, anaesthetist fees and member levy calculations.

Dispensing and scripting module

Dispensing and scripting module with generic, MMAP and MPL equivalents and formulary pricing

Daily Tasks Simplified:

  • Electronic Remittance Advice processing
  • Built-in email
  • Macros, linked codes, as well as bulk charges and payments
  • Quotations that can be posted against accounts
  • Automatic payment plan calculations
  • Feature-rich appointment diary
  • ICD10 and CPT4 coding and lookup
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