Altron HealthTech offers FREE electronic scripting to save you time and significantly reduce interpretation errors at the pharmacy. This benefits the prescriber, dispenser and ultimately, the patient.

This solution offers various types of information to assist practitioners in providing a comprehensive, modern and professional patient service, including e-prescribing, disease information, a comprehensive pharmacopeia in medical and layman’s language, as well as medical illustrations.

Health-Soft eScripting is integrated with our practice management applications, so that all data will be available on one client record for easy access and evaluation.

With Altron HealthTech’s e-Scripting you can:

  • Generate electronic prescriptions, sick notes, referral letters,letterheadsand other forms.
  • Increase efficiency by completing all scripts and documents in seconds and saving them to the patient history.
  • Build your list of preferred medicines, frequently used scripts and ICD-10 codes.
  • Create new scripts instantly from history or saved favourite scripts.
  • Speed up and simplify chronic scripting.
  • Access clinical support tools and automated updates.
  • Personalise your scripts.
  • SMS a script copy to your patient.
  • Significantly reduce adverse drug events, ensuring improved patient safety.
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