Paper-based medical record keeping created mass duplication of information and records frequently got lost. Inefficiencies resulted in the public healthcare arena often failing their patients.

Our Solution

In August 2018, Med-e-Mass collaborated with the City of Johannesburg to develop an electronic healthcare platform to digitise patient records and improve patient healthcare. HEALTHOne Connect was designed to conform to the National Department of Health’s Health Normative Standards Framework (HSNF). 

This technology provides healthcare professionals with the tools they need to improve health delivery and patient record keeping, reduce clinic waiting times and costs, and deliver improved patient outcomes. 

Healthcare professionals can follow the health of their patient across provider, place of residence and geographical location. This means that, no matter which hospital or clinic the patient attends, their healthcare professional can access their diagnostic and drug information, eliminating duplicate or unnecessary calls to laboratories or other clinics. 

The software ensures complete patient confidentiality and enhances the accuracy of all critical data. 

Your Experience

The HEALTHOne Connect electronic healthcare platform has been rolled out across 64 clinics, serving 735 000 patients: 

  • Costs are improved through decreased paperwork, improved safety, reduced duplication of testing, and improved health. 
  • The average waiting time for patients has been reduced from between four to five hours to under one hour. 
  • Accurate, up-to-date and complete information about patients is available at the point of care and patient files are no longer lost. 
  • Integrated biometrics help staff and patients to search for relevant information and to manage consent. 
  • Patient outcomes are improved. 
  • Duplication of tests has been significantly reduced. 

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