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Industry and business insights, population health data, decision support and AI have becomeintegral parts of modern healthcare. Through carefully calculated, relevant analytics, our software reduces costs, enhances patient care and improves practice efficiency.

Our role in healthcare is to continuously develop solutions that use an intelligent and integrated combination of big data, analytics and cloud technology to monitor entire patient populations at a glance and in real time.

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Engage Mx is integrated with Elixir Live and is a POPIA complaint technology platform that autonomously recalls patients to your practice based on their unique health profile.

Patient engagement builds your business and increases the likelihood of positive health outcomes for your patients.

Measurable Impact of Engage Mx
  • Decrease Morbidity and Mortality.
  • Improve The quality of primary healthcare.
  • Empower Doctors to provide proactive healthcare at scale without any additional work.
  • Reduce The overall cost of healthcare by ensuring patients are managed at a primary care level for longer.
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