Altron HealthTech takes the headache out of practice administration and gives practices peace of mind, even during these difficult times. But to use a very old proverb, the proof is in the pudding, so we spoke to Dr. Dan Echun, Director of the Randburg surgery and Practice Manager, Monde Echun to get their views. 

Randburg Surgery is a multi-disciplinary, holistic primary care clinic that opened its doors in 1995. Their vision is to solve their patient’s healthcare problems while trying to run their practice according to best-practice business models. Some of their biggest challenges were managing their claims and thus their finances, creating a smooth patient flow through the practice, following up on outstanding payments and managing their data. 

 Dr. Echun says they considered most of the major players in the market but because they needed a solution that conformed to their practice, they chose MedeServe a division of Altron HealthTech. Dr. Echun states that it is the personal contact that makes all the difference combined with the fact that their dedicated account manager is interested in solving their unique problems. 

Dr. Echun says the biggest benefit of using MedeServe is the peace of mind. When he closes his practice for the day, he does not have to worry about admin. 

Both Dr. Echun and Monde agree that the future of the practice looks bright as they are getting on top of unpaid claims and lost money due to write-offs. Monde concludes that MedeServe is an easy way of doing administration and they both concur that they would recommend MedeServe to other practices. 

MedeServe’s expertise in medical business management helps practices stay on top of billing, rejection management, debt collection and financial control. We are committed to giving practices what they want, when they need it, at a cost that suits their financial plan.