Inefficiencies in the operations of healthcare practices can result in: 

  • unreliable cash flow 
  • exposure to financial risk 
  • administrative hassle and expense 
  • ineffective management control 

Our Solution

HealthTech’s Follow-up Manager is a unique tool that enables specific credit control from within the Practice Management Application (PMA). In the past, this wasn’t possible. 

Credit controllers use the Follow-up Manager tools to perform their specific function within the PMA, without having to manually work through documents and lists. These tools allow for efficient credit control, navigation of all outstanding invoices and the assigning of credit control tasks to specific staff users. 

Your Experience

“I am as excited as a child that received a big present. Congratulations to the big brain behind Follow-up Manager. I have never seen anything like this. Brilliant!” 

Dale Penderis
Accounts Department, Oncology Practice 

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