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The Challenge

Fractured healthcare delivery means diseases are treated in isolation, episodic events are treated without a full understanding of patient history, tests are duplicated, costs are higher, patients are dissatisfied, and health outcomes are suboptimal. 

We believe the future of health is connected care: using technology to deliver care that is holistic, functional and patient-centric. Appropriate collection, harnessing and analysis of big data serves patients and practitioners alike, improving individual and population health outcomes.

Placing the patient and their journey at the centre of the healthcare ecosystem, allows providers the ability to provide holistic healthcare  to ensure continuity of care, best outcomes and reduced costs. 

At Altron HealthTech we are committed to providing solutions that unleash the power of connected healthcare. 

The future of health technology

We are continuously working to find solutions that can minimize the complexities of healthcare. Our goal is to bring together the best minds in the industry to create a set of healthcare solutions for maximum societal impact. Through our collective strengths with that of our partners, we strive to continuously deliver innovative world class offerings in the healthcare ecosystem.

Our Healthcare ecosystem:

An accelerated wave of digitalisation has swept the healthcare ecosystem in the past year. Moving it beyond practice administration and basic electronic medical recordsThe need for technology that touches every step of the patient journey is now more than ever imperative. 

The Virtual Patient Journey

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Public healthcare patient journey

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Occupational healthcare journey

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Enough Talk, Let's Build Something Together