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Intelligent Billing Wizard on Elixir Live

Intelligent Billing Digital Medical Practice Altron HealthTech

Running any business effectively means that time needs to be taken to do administrative tasks. In healthcare private practice, these tasks are far-ranging and some are routine depending on the discipline.

Thankfully with practice management systems like Elixir Live, some of these tasks can be automated or simplified ensuring that you, as a healthcare provider, are focused on consistently delivering high-quality care to your patients and not being lost in the routine.

However, a time comes when routine billing tasks need further enhancement to help you manage costs and patient care effectively to improve cash flow and grow your practice. Often, you will need immediate feedback on the following where relevant:

  • Missing codes
  • Invalid application of the modifiers
  • Invalid diagnostic codes

Elixir Live now has a smart and reliable intelligent billing wizard to optimise your billing and coding tasks.

Getting the right billing done, all the time.

Whether you are a stand-alone practice or group practice, the day-to-day practice admin of rejected claims is frustrating to deal with. The new intelligent billing wizard feature expertly guides your coding according to your practice needs.

The feature is easy to use and

Get it in your practice today!

Get a no-obligation quote today and be ready to be on a journey to have a smarter and more efficient practice.