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Altron HealthTech and Market MX Usher in a New Era of Proactive Healthcare

Engage Mx Proactive Healthcare Digital Practice Altron HealthTech

Altron HealthTech and Market Mx have launched an innovative solution

Altron HealthTech and Market Mx have launched an innovative solution into the healthcare market that enables medical practices to provide proactive healthcare to their patients at scale.

The solution, Engage Mx, is designed to significantly add to the value-based care needs in healthcare. Value-based healthcare is an approach that optimises health outcomes and reduces the cost of healthcare based on the patients’ individual needs. This is supported by Deloitte’s 2020 report that patient healthcare costs are reduced by 20% where value-based care was proactively followed.

“A key priority for us was making sure this technology would integrate seamlessly with Elixir Live, Altron HealthTech’s cloud-based practice management application system without the need for additional digitalisation of healthcare data by the doctor or administrative staff,” explains Leslie Moodley, Altron HealthTech Managing Director.

Both companies share a vision for the future of healthcare and a commitment to developing innovative, practical solutions that address gaps in the current ecosystem.

“The company ethos of both Market MX and Altron HealthTech is to transform healthcare through technology, save costs and improve quality of life ”, explains Moodley.

“With Engage Mx, we are effectively leveraging technology by providing practitioners and patients with the tools to engage in proactive healthcare and shift to a value-based model”, Moodley adds.

Dr Benjamin Ozynski, Chief Medical Officer at Market MX, further adds that Engage Mx is unique in that it was designed to be fully compliant with the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA). “We had to consider all the laws and regulations when developing this tool as the process of recording, storing and transferring healthcare data is subject to strict guidelines under this Act. Ensuring compliance has often been a major administrative and legal headache for healthcare practitioners.”

Proactive healthcare represents a better future for patients. “It is preferable to prevent something from happening rather than having to deal with severe symptoms, oftentimes when it is too late to reverse a complication from a chronic condition”, says Dr Ozynski.

Moodley emphasises that the measurable impact of Engage Mx is far-reaching. The patient engagement tool removes the administrative aspect of these challenges by identifying eligible patients for screening or a follow up for their chronic conditions. If they have not yet gone to their doctor, Engage MX sends out an automated, personalised communication to remind them to follow up with the healthcare provider.

“By empowering doctors to provide proactive healthcare at scale, we will improve the quality of primary healthcare,” says Dr Ozynski. “This will also reduce the overall cost of healthcare by ensuring patients are managed at a primary care level for longer. We anticipate that this will decrease rates of morbidity and mortality worldwide”.

Engage Mx is here to promote and enable the proper care and treatment of a patient. All Engage Mx-facilitated patient communications will be coming from the practitioner and not a third party. Every communication will include an opt-out option,” he concludes.