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Meet our team of leaders:

Managing Director

Leslie Moodley

Leslie spearheads Altron HealthTech as the Managing Director. He took over the reins of Altron HealthTech's leadership in March 2021; having joined Altron in 2017, with a mandate to consolidate two businesses into what is now known as Altron Systems Integration (ASI).
Leslie has a multi-faceted vision for Altron HealthTech including amongst others:
to reclaim the number one position in the Private Practitioner Network sector,
build a dominant corporate health technology business sector,
underpinned by a data insights business and strong eco-system of partners; and
steering Altron HealthTech’s business into international markets.
He is driven by stewardship and believes in improving things to leave them in a significantly better shape than inherited. He desires to ensure the company makes a profound difference through the solutions it develops and offers. This while creating an energetic and successful space to attract, retain and grow talent.
Head: Human Capital

Saajida Nana

Saajida joined Altron in 2011 with over 20 years of experience in human capital.
In 2017 she moved to Altron HealthTech as the brand was in the process of merging its three sub-brands (MedeMass, MediSwitch, and MedeServe).
As the Head of Human Capital, Saajida leads the company by driving transformational strategies to empower and harness the strengths and uniqueness of our people. She plays a pivotal role in ensuring seamless change management through employee engagement while aligning our organisational culture to Altron's values and strategic priorities.
Saajida’s vision for Altron HealthTech is to see the company “take the world by storm” through its highly motivated employees and innovative solutions. She is passionate about helping people realise their potential and is a champion of lifelong learning.
Executive: Sales & Business Development

Gerard Augustine

Gerard is a seasoned executive professional with a background in sales, marketing, operations and supply chain management, and strategy development across retail, healthcare, manufacturing, and the consumer goods sectors. Gerard joined Altron HealthTech on 01 June 2021 as the Executive: Sales and Business Development.

His vision for Altron HealthTech is to deliver stakeholder and shareholder value through customer-centricity and profitable revenue growth. He is inspired to provide societal impact via technology enablement, optimisation, and transformation of healthcare in both the private and public healthcare sectors.

Gerard continually strives to create and co-create value for Altron HealthTech, our partners, and clients through collaboration and winning solutions. He believes that through thought leadership, product leadership, world-class operations, and exceptional customer experiences Altron HealthTech is well-positioned to be the differentiated health technology service provider in the markets it serves.

Head: of Application Modernisation

Danie van Graan

Danie Van Graan is the Head of Application Development and leads the transformation of our application capability to the modern era of providing solutions that enable our strategy at the pace and architectural soundness that the market demands.
Danie joins us from Altron Systems Integration, where he managed several strategic initiatives. In his most recent role, he was responsible for defining strategic growth areas of Cloud Application migration and developing, implementing and supporting business solutions.

He holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Computer Science, and a Masters Degree in Management of Technology and Innovation and is a skilled IT professional with over 24 years of working experience.

Throughout his career, Danie has worked as a Developer, Analyst Programmer, Solutions Architect, Data Warehouse Architect and Support Manager, Systems Integration Team Leader, Senior Business Analyst and Senior Manager for several Centres of Excellence.

Danie sees himself as a people-person who can lead and inspire people with his strong business acumen to drive delivery, efficiencies and organisational growth.

Executive: Strategic Growth

Nicolette Mudaly

Nicolette became the Head of Product Strategy in 2020 and has extensive experience working in various roles within the healthcare technology environment. Prior to this, she has served as Altron HealthTech's Health Information Exchange product manager since 2018.
Nicolette’s vision for Altron HealthTech is to deliver on the company’s 2.0 strategy, by using the strong product base, expertise, relationships, and customers to transform offerings to the market.
She is inspired and energised by collaboration and innovative thinking. She believes that leveraging collective strengths leads to better results and ultimately allows each member of the team to deliver a sustainable and lasting impact in the work that they do.
As the Head of Product Strategy, Nicolette and her team execute on the vision and strategic objectives set out by the leadership team. This includes execution of product roadmaps and the creation of innovative products and offerings that add value to Altron HealthTech’s customers.
Head: Finance

Andries Hofman

Andries Hofman, affectionately known as ‘Dries’, has been with Altron HealthTech (MediSwitch) since 1999. He has seen the company go through numerous changes to become the company it is today.

Dries is driven by service excellence and staying above reproach in his dealings with staff and Altron. His current role as the Head of Finance means that he has to accurately and timeously report the results of the division to enable better decisions making by management and staff.

His vision for Altron HealthTech is to continue to remain a great place to work for and continue to achieve superior returns for all stakeholders.

Head: Project Management Office

Alok Goswami

Alok joined the Altron HealthTech family as a PMO Senior Consultant mid-2021 and now leads the Project Management Office (PMO). The role involves strategic and tactical milestones to ensure we deliver projects with high levels of quality and operational excellence.

His vision is to see Altron HealthTech become a globally recognised, leading provider of world-class, innovative products and solutions in the health technology domain. He believes that with enhanced leadership focus on strategy, digitisation and innovation, Altron HealthTech is poised for a giant leap into a world of pioneering health tech solutions, both as a partner and a solutions provider of excellence.

Alok is motivated by an empowered environment and empathetic leadership with a strategic vision that ultimately allows an individual to make a difference!

Head: MedeServe Bureau

Andre Esterhuizen

Andre heads and leads Altron HealthTech’s MedeServe bureau, he joined Altron in 2016. Andre is a qualified CA (SA) with experience in the pharmaceutical and financing industries.
Since joining Altron HealthTech, Andre has successfully implemented systems and processes enabling the MedeServe bureau to support and manage our customers business interests.
Being the ultimate professional that he is, Andre is driven by contributing towards a client’s growth and motivated by optimizing the flow and management of medical practices.
Senior Marketing Specialist

Makho Mayihlome

Makhosazana "Makho" Mayihlome oversees the Marketing function and is responsible for implementing the Altron HealthTech marketing strategy that repositions the brand as a leading provider of healthcare solutions.

Makho joined the Altron HealthTech Team in 2013 - then being MediSwitch - as a Communications Officer. Over the years, she gained insightful knowledge of the healthcare industry to rise within the department. She is inspired by and passionate about people and disruptive technology and how that plays a role in customer buying behaviour.

Her vision is to take the Altron HealthTech brand beyond Southern Africa.

Head: Customer Experience

Johan Fourie

Johan joined the Altron HealthTech team as the Head of Customer Experience in December 2020 and has extensive knowledge and experience within the customer service environment. Before this, he spent nine years at Altron FinTech, working in different customer experience roles.

Johan’s optimistic attitude and passion for customer service drive him to continuously look at innovative ideas to deliver the best possible customer experience to all our customers.

His vision is to deliver the highest levels of customer experience across all of its touchpoints and make it easy for customers to do business with us.

As the Head of Customer Experience, Johan feels privileged to lead and provide strategic guidance to the Contact Centre, SME Support, Corporate Support and Training teams. His team is responsible for all customer support related assistance, onsite support, new installations and training.

Corporate Sales Manager

Rodney Premlall

Rodney joins Altron HealthTech after spending four years at Altron Systems Integration as a Service Delivery Executive. He is responsible for the Corporate Sales division at Altron HealthTech, ensuring that we realise our growth ambitions.

He is a seasoned Sales Professional with a 25-year Sales career in the ICT sector across multiple sales disciplines, having worked for some renowned companies like Huge Telecom, Datacentrix, and IBM.

He has been instrumental in the exponential growth within both public and private corporate sectors, by bolstering revenues within existing clients and the acquisition of new Enterprise clients. He has a solid track record of managing diverse teams and delivering large-scale, complex technology solutions.

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