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Duplicate payment error – Correction

I am writing to you with an update on our correspondence shared with you on 27 January 2023 regarding the duplication of payment to some providers.

Discovery Health have engaged with the affected providers via email over the last two weeks and have shared the impact of the error for the respective practices.  A reversal for the majority of the practices were processed last week and will off-set automatically against their payments from today, 7 February 2023 onwards. A small subset of practices will be processed next week.

We are aware of the impact the error has had on Electronic Remittance Advices (ERA). ERAs will resume from tomorrow, Wednesday, 8 February in line with the usual weekly runs for the past week’s claims.  Historic ERAs that failed as a result of this error will also be available on request as we are aware that some providers may have already reconciled these historic ERA’s manually. It is important to note that the correction does not reflect on the remittance as a specific journal entry but that the amount is off-set against the payment due on the ERAs.

We have provided the affected providers with the following steps to reconcile their accounts:

  1. On your statement dated 4 January 2023 the original amount and correct EFT will be reflected.
  2. On your statement dated 12 or 17 January 2023 a Payment EFT line with a Payment ref number that does not reflect in claims details on the statement was included. This is the duplicate payment rolled up with claims or reversals for the previous week.
  3. On your statement dated 8 February 2023 the duplicate payment amount above will be off-set against any claims transactions for the previous week. The difference between the duplicate payment amount and these claims transactions will be paid on 7 February 2023 where funds are due.

Our Systems teams are working on providing additional support to enable reconciliation of payments where the above steps are not sufficient.  And we will be in touch with you to arrange next steps.

Once again, please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused. Thank you for your continued support and collaboration.

For any further queries and to request historic ERA’s please contact


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