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Making health and wellness more accessible with

We have partnered with Company Wellness Solutions, to make wellness far-reaching and easily accessible to your employees and their loved ones.

Our well-being or lack thereof affects our interpersonal relationships both at work and outside of work. Thus, investing in a wellness programme that allows your employees to add up to 8 of their loved ones leads to an infinite and positive impact on society.

Traditionally, access to mental health services, nutrition, fitness, and general wellness has come with a premium price. And we want to change that.

For a monthly cost less than the price of coffee, you and your business can make a difference.

Innovative technology underpins the delivery of high-quality mental health and wellness support. Most importantly, the benefits of support should not be limited to those fortunate enough to be employed.

Our solution is geared to extend the benefits to the communities that surround us.
This is ONE-TO-THE-POWER-OF-8. Each signed up member on the programme can add 8 additional members at no extra cost!

Our solution is comprehensive yet affordable

For less than a cup of coffee per month, your employees, and their eight beneficiaries, enjoy an all-inclusive basket of support services.

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Are you looking to get more out of your employee assistance program (EAP)?

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ONE-TO-THE-POWER-OF-8 not only provides direct and immediate support to your employees; it also supports your efforts as an HR practitioner to maximise employee well-being, positivity, and productivity.

Unlike other EAP programmes in the market, ours allows your employees to engage with it when and how they see fit. Removing the friction from seeking wellness and asking for help.

As an HR practitioner or team leader, you can engage with employees on multiple platforms, from the native EAP app to the online portal, allowing instant and easy access for all users. Your employees can engage with your EAP when they need to, as often as they need to, and, from a device of their choice.

With that in mind wouldn’t you want the impact your business has on your employees and their communities to be a positive one?

The power of employee well-being and visionary leadership.


As a business leader, you understand the importance of people. Whether you are in the mining or manufacturing industries, your products and services are delivered by people.

As you know, employee engagement and wellbeing is a vital strategic pillar within any successful business. Your employees’ personal lives may affect how they perform at work. ONE-TO-THE-POWER-OF-8 may ease that burden by giving your employees and their loved ones support.

Altron HealthTech, Company Wellness Solutions and ONE-TO-THE-POWER-OF-8 makes wellness accessible to more people at a price you can afford.

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