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Altron HealthTech Referral Program — How Does the Referral program Work & What Do I Get?

Referrer Rewards

  • For each qualifying referral or successfully converted referral, the referrer will receive the following gift vouchers from the store or shopping mall of their choice. Amounts are based on the referred medical professional’s monthly claims volume and/or product licence agreement.  
Claim Volume  Incentive Value 
5 – 200 claims  R1500 
201 – 550 claims  R2000 
551 – 1000 claims  R3500 
1001 + claims  R5000 


Product Licence 

HealthOne Occupational Health – Small – Medium Business  R3000 
HealthOne Occupational Health Corporate Wellness  R5000 


Terms and conditions 

  • The referred healthcare provider or business or must not have used Altron HealthTech products or services within the past 3 months. 
  • The referred person must be a practicing healthcare provider and licenced by the Board of Healthcare Funders (BHF) 
  • The correct details of the referred healthcare professional or business need to be provided:
    • Name and Surname
    • Practice number
    • Province
    • Contact number 
  • You have read and agreed to the POPIA consent, giving us permission to use you as a reference. 
  • You have informed the referred healthcare professional or business that you have referred them to Altron HealthTech and have shared the referral code with them. 
  • The referred healthcare professional or business must be signed up and actively using Altron HealthTech products or services for 2 months before the referral is considered successful. 
  • Signed referrals will be tracked on a month-to-month basis until payment is due at the end of the 3rd month. 
  • If the referred party does not take up the offer and actively use services for tracking, the referral will no longer qualify to be included in the referral rewards programme. As such removing the referrer’s entry from the incentive program. 

For queries or more information email: